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The basis of Valmiera Summer Theatre Festival program – works created especially for the festival by national and international professionals. Performances that entertain, enrich, provoke and don’t leave a single spectator indifferent are staged in Valmiera city environment, in unusual places and original forms. In addition to performances there’s an ongoing concurrent program – open air cinema nights, musical and gastronomic adventures that create opulent summer art celebration in the city environment.

Idea and realization of this festival owns a lot to Rūdolfs Blaumanis Theatre Festival which began in Valmiera in 1999 and occurred every three years when a jury evaluated the best stagings of Blaumanis plays in the repertoires of various theatres. This idea developed and in 2016 manifested in the form of a new interdisciplinary summer festival with a different content – a stage art celebration that gathered Latvian and foreign audience.

Festival has gained broad publicity on a national scale, spectators’ recognition, acknowledgement from stage art professionals and critics and received a Latvian Television and Latvian Radio prize in the category “Surprise of the year” in “Kilo of Culture 2016” (Kilograms kultūras).

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Rainis “I PLAYED, I DANCED” (“SPĒLĒJU, DANCOJU”) (a night with devils, masks and love). Creative team: director Mārtiņš Eihe and folk group “Iļģi”. Venue: the court of the old kettle stockyard in Valmiermuiža

Rūdolfs Blaumanis “TRUMPETER OF TĀLAVA” (“TĀLAVAS TAURĒTĀJS”) (fashion sound poem). Creative team: fashion designers MAREUNROL’S, musician Shipsea, director Elmārs Seņkovs. Venue: the old train depot in Valmiera

August Strindberg “MISS JULIE” (passion drama). Estonian performance on tour - MTÜ Kell Kümme theatre. Venue: Courtyard of Valmiera Museum

Courtyard theatre for children “COME OUTSIDE!” (“NĀC LAUKĀ!”). Director: Kārlis Krūmiņš. Venue: Various courtyards of Valmiera apartment houses /the spectacle was nominated for “Spēlmaņu nakts” prize in a category “Theatre play of the season 2016/2017 for children or young adults”

The young and free theatre “SUPSUPSUKAS”. Director: Jurijs Djakonovs. Venue: Valmiera skatepark



Theatre in a furniture store “WHERE IS VIKTORS SAPROPELIS?” (KUR PAZUDIS VIKTORS SAPROPELIS?”). Director: Paula Pļavniece. Venue: furniture store in Valmiera

Documentary dance performance “LET’S PLAY HOUSES” (SPĒLĒSIM MĀJĀS”). Director: Kristīne Brīniņa. Venue: near the woods by river Gauja

Performance with elements of creative laboratory “WATER” (“ŪDENS”). Director: Inga Tropa. Venue: National Fire and Rescue Service territory in Valmiera

Performance with adventures in the forest “HIDEOUT” (“ŠTĀBIŅŠ”). Director: Kārlis Krūmiņš. Venue: secret place in the forest that has to be found throughout orienteering game

Musical journey with involvement of construction vehicles “TRACTOPERA” (“TRAKTOPERA”). Director: Andris Kalnozols. Venue: private grounds in Valmiera

Estonian – Latvian joint project, a performance for children “MINDSTUFF”. Director: Estonian Contemporary Dance Company ZUGA. Venue: underground parking lot of a trade center

Real “stuff” about a nightclub for youngsters “CLUB” (“KLUBS”). Director: Elmārs Seņkovs and Pauls Iklāvs. Venue: nightclub in Valmiera

Courtyard theatre for children “COME OUTSIDE!” (“NĀC LAUKĀ!”). Director: Kārlis Krūmiņš. Venue: Various courtyards of Valmiera apartment houses /the spectacle was nominated for “Spēlmaņu nakts” prize in a category “Theatre play of the season 2016/2017 for children or young adults”

Concurrent program: Sound performance – audial installation in the form of a concert “THE SWAMP WADER. FAMILY TREE”. Director: Kristaps Pētersons. Venue: The Gauja Steep banks Park of senses



Fantasy about Freedom “THE FLIES” (“MUŠAS”) (Kārlis Krūmiņš adaptation of the play of the same name by J. P. Sartre). Director: Kārlis Krūmiņš. Venue: the old kettle stockyard in Valmiermuiža, Dzirnavu Street 15

World premiere! Contemporary opera “UNKNOWN UNKNOWN” (“NEZINĀMAIS NEZINĀMAIS”). Production, stage and libretto by Viesturs Meikšāns. Venue: Purva Street 12A, C block (hangar), Valmiera

Musical theatre performance “THE SPRING” (“PAVASARIS”). (Based on a play “Spring Awakening” (1891) by F. Wedekind). Director: Alicia Geugelin and creative team Kvadrifrons. Venue:  Business and Logistics Centre “VALTECH”, Leona Paegles Street 47, former Valmiera bread factory territory

Musical journey involving construction vehicles and demonstrations “TRACTOPERA” (“TRAKTOPERA”). Playwright and director: Andris Kalnozols. Venue: a meadow by Valmiera animal shelter, Mālu Street 5/7, Valmiera

Theatre in an empty swimming pool “WHERE IS VIKTORS SAPROPELIS” (“KUR PAZUDIS VIKTORS SAPROPELIS?”). Director: Paula Pļavniece. Venue: Swimming pool, Zvaigžņu Street 4, entrance from a courtyard of Valmiera Pārgauja Secondary School

Creative workshops and series of performances for children “THE BEAST” (“NEZVĒRS”)Creative team: Lone Twin /UK/. Venue: concert hall VALMIERA, Leona Paegles Street 10, Valmiera

Moccumental theatre performance “INUAKI, THE REPTILIAN WITHIN ME” by Aryana Havah (“INUAKI REPTILIS MANĪ”). Director: Inga Tropa. Venue: non-existent psychotherapist’s cabinet, Meža Street 7, entrance from the parking lot, Valmiera

STUDENTS’ SHED, Venue: Valmiera Museum herb garden, Pilskalna Street 2, Valmiera

A STRING OF LATVIAN FOLK STORIES (performance for children created by stage art students of Latvia Culture Academy),

Documental stories (performance for young adults created by stage art students of Latvia Culture Academy),

Valmiera Drama Theatre stage play “Stories about life in the woods. FOREST DAUGHTERS. By S. Reinsone”. Director: Mārtiņš Eihe. Venue: forest by the river, Gauja Steep Banks Park of senses, Valmiera


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